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Give your guests a hotel like experience

We are a secure and convenient way to exchange keys for your next home rental

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Why Us?

Secure & Reliable

No exchanging keys at odd hours and back alleys with strangers. VirtualKey manages your access in tandem with your booking. That's more - our solution is 24x7. Your guest don't have to worry no matter when they arrive.

Just Rent & Forget

You accept the reservation and then we do the rest. That rental apartment will never come in the way of travel, work or life. You can even choose to recieve alerts every time your rental property is locked or unlocked.

Cost Effective

Now you can accomodate last minute bookings or even let your place out on per-hour basis. All this translets into more money in your pocket. Our simple pricing gives you predictable costs no matter how much money you make.


We are VirtualKEY

VirtualKEY wants to simplify life by using technology. We design touch-free solutions that are highly automated and practically require no human intervention.

Imagined and Designed at University of Chicago, Booth School of Business we are currenly focused to launch our BETA in Sep 2015.